Jobbade igår från 3 till 12.. Det var hektiskt, bara hektiskt, inte ens kul.. Eller jo, det var kul tack vare en person, men det behöver vi inte nämna mer om här.
Varä ven i Perth och kikade runt. Köpte mig en tröja som jag totalt älskar. Har tittat på den sen jag kom hit och nu har jag äntligen köpt den! Woo! Fikade även för mig självo ch tog det lugnt. Har behövt lite alone time en stund nu.. Det kändes väldigt bra.
Har egentligen inte så mycket att skriva, har också bara en halvtimma på mig så jag ska fixa lite andra grejer innan jag skuttar till post-office och fixar lite mer. Så mycket att greja med innan man åker hem.. Ska hinna packa lite idag också.. Phew..

Kimmy, my security.

Australia day.

Got "home" from Rottnest last night at about 6. Didn't have to work, which I'm so happy about.. Cuz' I had a hard Australia day, haha.

Arrived, with Frenchy, at about 10.30 on Rottnest to meet up with Ells and Dunc. We settled in to the little cabin, and waited for our bags. Me and Ells had a cider (a swedish one!) and Dunc and Frenchy took a bike ride, since thats the only way of getting around Rotto.
After a while, the bags arrived and me and Ells decided to go to the beach just behind us, called Pinkie, to have a swim and snorkel. Too bad it wasn't any good snorkeling there.. Good thing is that Rotto is small and full of beaches, so we just walked over to the next one, called the Basin. And gosh, there was fish there! Angel fish, weird fish, colourful fish.. Amazing.
Later on, Beth and Lucy arrived so we had some more to drink and some dinner, sauseges and mashed potato before we left for a quiznight that we had signed up for.
Too bad the quiznight totally sucked.
It was mostly for families and everyone wasn't in the mood to do quiznights, pissed and all.. But we went thru it and stumbled home to go to bed. Sun and alcohol makes you tired.

The next day the rest of the gang arrived. Tom, Tash and Shae that is. We wobbled up to the cabin and started packing the eskie with food, booze and snacks. And we were off to Salmon Bay. On a packed bus.
We literally thought that people would take the free shuttle bus, not the one that acutally cost us 10 bucks. So we had to cramp into the bus with little kids and tourists before we got of at Salmon Bay..
Which totally sucked! Because of the wind. It was windy and sandy so we got sand EVERYWHERE, not kidding.. But we were pissed and happy so we just moved a little bit further down and found an okay spot where we lay down to drink.
The boys took off for a run (stupid as they are) and came back later.. Us girls just tanned and drank.. And when the boys were back, we moved the drinking in to the water! Floating very near the rocks, but oh well.

After a while, the sun bacame to much, the booze were drunk and everyone were tired so we decided to go back to the cabin. Little did we girls know that we were going to have to do a stop before that.. To pee. So we jumped off at a completely empty beach and peed! And then jumped on the next bus to catch up with the guys at the cabin.
After that we made some dinner, and just enjoyed ourselfs until we were so tired we just simply fell asleep until we woke up early the next day, had a swim, rested and then went home on the ferry again.
Yes, Australia day at Rotto 2011 is never to forget.


Som många kanske vet så är det översvämningar i queensland, australien. Folk har förlorat sina hem och det är väldigt sorgligt.
För er som vill donera lite pengar till dessa människor så finns det en hemsida som ni kan hitta här .
Jag ska försöka donera, gör det ni också.
Help the Aussie spirit on Australia day (26th of January).