Well, haven't been online for a while. Because I dont have any internet anymore for some dificult reasons I wont write here. I doesnt really matter to you anyway. :)
I've quit my job at Paris Brest. Didn't find it interesting anymore. Quite boring and such and such so now I dont have any new job.. Yet. I have handed out resumees thou. Which is goood. People seem to be liking that - some have told me they will call me back. We'll see what happens. Need to collect some money from Paris too so.
The forest is nice. Like living where I am right now - nothing wrong there.
Me and Gina have fixed ALL the tickets for our trip as well so now we just have to wait 2 months to see eachother. I'm SO pumped. Its going to be sweet to see her again, after a year. And even sweeter to travel for real. We'll take all of you on our trip - I promise.
Uhm, what else?
It's getting warmer. About 20-25 these days now. Its real nice. Even thou the nights still are a bit chilly, but thats okay. Im asleep anyway so, haha. But yeah, its nice to be able to wear my denimjacket without freezing my tits off - as the say here.
Hmmmm.. Well, I cant put up pictures - cuz Im on a pay computer in Midland SO.. My time here will end in 17.26...25...24.... Minutes. Blargh. Hate having no internet at home! Want to be able to let you guys follow me correctly! Ah well..
I was on a walk in the John Forrest National Park yesterday with Phil and Vicky. Saw a spider as big as .. Hm.. My big toe maybe. A nice waterfall and a traintunnel. The track you walk on is an old traintrack, which is cool cuz along the way you get to see info on some signs and it's real pretty! If you ever go to Perth in WA, Australia, go to the John Forrest National Park!
Nw I need to find some numbers on Google!